I have been seeing them everywhere, the eyes. The Eyes! They watch me as a sword takes the most precious of these eyes, but I watch not. I watch not. I see the eye turns ash into flesh and blood, I see the eye is stolen, and taken to the sheath of this sword. It shall be abused, for the lover that lies within the stomach of the jackal shall be freed.

But only when the thief takes up this sword, how dare he. HOW DARE HE!!! He has no right, yet he has a motive, what is love? What is it? He feels it, through hatred. The fire in the woods, the ashes that flew, they have been fed to an eye, the most precious of them all. The eye will make them come alive. ALIVE!!! Yet a soul she has none.

I see blond locks, and a face of youth, but within lies a spider, who seeks a fly. Do not listen to the legs of eight! She is older than she seems. Yet I see a master reunited with his child. But the child doesn’t want to, does he break this sword?

I see the dirt has made way for an elder of old, with claws of death, and a child he has no more. A wolf of flesh lies at his side, yet there is no heart within him. I see a betrayer a fiend of a fiend. Shall he be discovered? No, Yes! No, Yes! I do not know… But his feet are upon a sheet of glass, may it not break, lest the fiend falls and dies.

I see someone, a man of the thief, not with but of him. I see promise, but I also see cunning and deceit. No… He may do well. But the fire! The Fire In The Side Of The Building!!! It harolds the leaving of the jackal who ate the lover. From an venomous one, who leaves it in the hands of the thief.

The thief of the thief? I do not know… The gang… Oh the gang… She can do it! She can save it! But only with the alpha, wolf of rebels. Or maybe not? Maybe not. I can see the mist of the alpha, it goes far, and it travels through cracks and crevices… But finds nothing, and everything… The gang has all, but looses much, can a weaponless army keep a castle? I pray so…

The voices have stopped… I know no more… I see no more… Goodbye…


Eye of Resurection GregoryDuVall