Eugene news

A fire has broken out across a forrest connecting eugene to oregon. The fire was small and thankfully taken care of, but the remains of one person are left behind. Locals claim they saw a great winged creature flying across the sky, one such person even went as far as to say that it was drinking the blood of his neighbor, who was found dead this morning in his room collapsed on the floor. Paramedics claim that he died of heart failure, locals however claim that the creature, the fire, and the man are all somehow related. It looks like a new urban legend is on the rise for eugene.

A terrorist attack was set upon an office building downtown, the very secretive company claims that there was an explosion and the terrorist took himself with a good chunk of the building. However the locals do not agree with this idea, they claim that there was no fire for a normal explosion and that it is simply a coverup for something even stranger.

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Two teenagers have gone missing in the last few nights. Police are searching in hopes to find at least one of them. However no bodies or even the car they took have been found as of yet, our hopes and prayers go out to them.

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